May 27, 2015

Are My Room Decorations Trendy or Humiliating?

Britney demands height order.
Now that the 15 minutes of attention for "Pretty Girls" seems about over, it's time to dust off these writing wings and get clucking for my first article since getting home from my most recent Hens on Ice scholastic year. Since this is my 4th tour with the skating birds, I've already covered some juicy topics about getting off the road for a hot minute. There are big pros and cons with such a lengthy tour with the same group of crazy loons, but I did that. I found some weird stuff in my room while trying to unpack, but that's been done too (in 2 parts!). But instead of crying, retiring, and squawkingwriting about not writing. Thankfully for you, I've realized again I'm a bit more insane than I'd originally thought.
at you to just read those old articles, I'll do better than

May 13, 2015

Pretty Girls! The Good, The Bad, and the Not-So-Pretty

Britney's back! And this time, she has a new friend: Iggy Azalea. Getting these 2 big names together is a producer's dream and has all the potential in the world. With these 2 blondes running around to a title like "Pretty Girls," we can't expect a song that's too earth-shattering, but it could and should be fun, right? Here's The Hen's peck at "Pretty Girls!"