May 13, 2015

Pretty Girls! The Good, The Bad, and the Not-So-Pretty

Britney's back! And this time, she has a new friend: Iggy Azalea. Getting these 2 big names together is a producer's dream and has all the potential in the world. With these 2 blondes running around to a title like "Pretty Girls," we can't expect a song that's too earth-shattering, but it could and should be fun, right? Here's The Hen's peck at "Pretty Girls!"

The Good:

  • Britney still looks great! Just when we think she's done, she makes another video looking fabulous and almost frozen in time. She's no longer "Toxic" hot, but put some jeans and some extra makeup on her, and she's doing just fine. 
  • The song is catchy and fun, reminiscent of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." That song was a big hit. I never fully understood why, but it was.
  • Thank goodness Britney gets some dancing in! Maybe she learned a lesson after a dance-less "Perfume" flopped.

The Bad:
Like, totally.

  • The song is damn repetitive and the lyrics feel churned out of a generic pop music machine.
  • Iggy Azalea being an alien. Just, why? Iconic music videos don't have faux extraterrestrials. 
  • Britney's unsafe, distracted driving in that Jeep. Hands on the wheel, lady!
  • The horrendous break in the middle of the song where Britney and Iggy meet 2 other valley girls. It's not funny. The only thing worse than exaggerated valley girl talk is Iggy's "alien character" trying to sound like an exaggerated valley girl. Nails. On. Chalkboard.
  • Iggy's spaceship landing at the end, or whatever they were going for. Couldn't she just be Australian?

The Not-So-Pretty:
Keep bouncin.

  • This collab had such potential, but feels flat and hollow. It's fun, but feels cheap and generic. Sadly, I doubt this song, which isn't bad but isn't good, will do much for either of their careers. It already feels forgettable, but until its 15 minutes are over, I'll be chanting, "We're just so pretty!"

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