September 26, 2012

Face to Beak with a Killer

fluttering around Louisville

Today started as a lovely day off in Louisville, Kentucky. I explored the city and the riverfront area with some hen friends, enjoying the warm, crisp sunshine and seeing new surroundings. We had an outdoor patio lunch on the river of seafood, feed and cocktails. The setting was perfect - it seemed that the day would stay that way.

After another one or four hours of fluttering through the Louisville streets, we stopped into the tourism bureau to find a store where we could buy more feed. And there in the seemingly harmless room filled with toy horses and baseball bats stood the grim reaper of cackling hens: Colonel Sanders.

September 19, 2012

It's Always Sassy in Huntsville

The Cackling Hen had been flying high for a while - getting a record-breaking four comments and double digit page views. Clearly just one hit post away from being covered on TMZ, The Cackling Hen had to get off the typewriter and back on the ice for live performances of Hens on Ice. Once again, performing for chicks and their parental roosters got in the way of my internet stardom.

The Hens survived two busy weeks of shows, rehearsals, visits from the Hens on Ice cocks of the walk, and presentations for understudy roles of various animals and poultry. I questioned if I could pull off the roles of Rubber Duckie or lead asparagus, but after nights of practice and watching National Geographic documentaries, I was ready. Hopefully now I'll have less mornings waking up in an anxious sweat, muttering Rubber Duckie's lines to myself.