September 26, 2012

Face to Beak with a Killer

fluttering around Louisville

Today started as a lovely day off in Louisville, Kentucky. I explored the city and the riverfront area with some hen friends, enjoying the warm, crisp sunshine and seeing new surroundings. We had an outdoor patio lunch on the river of seafood, feed and cocktails. The setting was perfect - it seemed that the day would stay that way.

After another one or four hours of fluttering through the Louisville streets, we stopped into the tourism bureau to find a store where we could buy more feed. And there in the seemingly harmless room filled with toy horses and baseball bats stood the grim reaper of cackling hens: Colonel Sanders.

Hens Against Sanders
I was appalled! Why is this infamous murdered portrayed in such a positive light here in Louisville? Evidently this is where the slayings began. I had read about the Colonel in history books and obviously seen his many slaughterhouses, AKA "restaurants." But seeing him face to beak in wax form was just troubling.

I left the display a-flutter. I vowed to seek social justice and have this hen slaughterer display removed from Louisville. But I knew this would be a feat: Colonel Hen Slaughterer has been revered here for nearly a century and I'm just a visiting hen. I doubted I could rally enough hens to picket the store front, and we'd also be at high risk for hate crimes.

After minimal thought and effort, I have decided to attack this social issue in a passive but safe way. I am starting an unofficial petition to not only have the Colonel Sanders display removed from the Louisville tourism office, but also to have his name and story barred from all text books. We cannot risk future generations of hens learning about him and making educated opinions on him! We must pretend he never existed, ignoring the big chicken in the room. Please show your support and sign this petition by commenting below!

Buzz kill

Hen Slaughter!

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