July 5, 2020

Help End the Nightmare!

The last 4 years have been a fucking nightmare. I said it.

Like any period of time, there have been wonderful things and terrible things, great days and tough days, for all of us. But if you didn't guess, the nightmare has been that vile, real-life movie villain that somehow became president of the United States. Whoops!

...and my sanity and blood pressure.

The fact that this orange, evil buffoon got anywhere close to, let alone INTO, the White House has shown many of us that we can't just sit back and assume the right people will be voted into power. 2016 showed me that complacency is not an option with such human garbage leading the free world. 2016 also showed me that generic sleeping pills are no match for the 24-hour nightmare called the Trump Administration.

Now I'm getting to the good (well, better) part. Like me, I'm sure many of you have asked the question, "How can I help make Trump go away screaming and crying as a loser in 2020?" (or something similar) Good news: there are many options! Thankfully, many people and organizations are also fired up to do anything it takes to help get the orange clown out of power. I'm here as one Hen to share the few things I'm doing safely from home that are simple, but have the potential to be very effective! (And all these organizations will train you quickly and easily via a Zoom session or video tutorial.)