October 2, 2013

Britney's Solid Advice: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

It's Britney, bitch! She's back, uncensored, and wise. In Britney's new single and video, she has solid advice for anyone who will listen. Basically, she reminds us that we need to work hard for anything we want in life. But her lyrics are more inspirational than my paraphrasing, so check out the new video, and the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The Good:

  • Britney looks GREAT! Did we go back in time before a shaved head and Kevin Federline?
  • She's dancing and picking up her feet! This is the sharpest Britney's dancing has looked in a while. This is what the producers were going for in Hold It Against Me, but she ended up shuffling around like a geriatric in skimpy clothes.
  • The dancers aren't clearly outshining her. The choreography and the look all works. Britney doesn't look out of place while dancers do back flips and full body movements around her hair flipping. The producers also didn't need to use half-second shots to confuse your eye and cover up that Britney actually wasn't moving. Britney still has the X factor, even if she was booted from the judging panel. 
  • Britney's hair seems under control. No messy extensions, no bad roots, no awkward wig - this hair looks like one cohesive unit. It only took 6 years - she's back in full swing!
  • She put some pants on for the first time in 12 years. Even with her body looking great, pants are a nice change of pace every once in a while for pop stars. 
  • The song is catchy as hell with a dance beat that's not quite the cookie cutter dance beat that's inundated pop music. 
  • Britney is easily out-classing Miley Cyrus. 

A mother goose?

The Bad:

  • Is this a Britney or Ru Paul song? As if a chorus of "work, bitch" didn't scream, "drag queen" enough, Britney just chants "work"15 times in a row, followed by "work it out" 14 times in a row. This should be the theme song of Ru Paul's Drag Race, if it weren't for Ru Paul already having her own... his own... music that repeats the word, "work."
  • Britney has all but given up on a female audience. The excessive use of "bitch" and "work," sounding like a drag queen, the heavy dance beat, and chanting, "work it out," screams pride parade! If she could only throw her voice like Cher, she'd really seal the deal. 
  • With a curse word in the song title, it will either A) get less radio air time, or B) get the radio air time with a lame edited version. But I love hearing Britney say, "bitch," especially because she's a mother of two.
  • Britney says, "work, bitch" 18 times. There was even room for more.
  • What's the with the semi-British accent? And a few of the words just sound like gibberish. 
  • Each new Britney song has more talking and chanting and less actual singing. When she does sing, she's drowned out by the club beat or harmonizing with a Black Eyed Pea.

This Pea is out-singing me.

The Ugly:

  • Is Britney in the Red Light District? There's nothing classy or attractive about that. Get out of there!
  • That Beats stereo as an S&M gag. That poor, poor girl...

Bitch district


  1. Have you heard the censored version??? http://news.iheart.com/media/play/work-bch-23712788/


    1. I just heard it on the radio! It's okay... but takes some of the power out of the message!

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