July 23, 2013

One Direction's Best Song, Like, EVER! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One Direction is back with new material for our eyes and ears. The song, "Best Song Ever," hit radio airwaves last week, along with a serious of cruel and confusing teasers for the video. Each day, a new teaser would reveal another character in this music video, with an uncanny resemblance to a 1D member, except fat, bald, gay, or a woman. I had no idea what direction this video was going, but I was eager (and nervous) to find out. Watch the video below before I take a peck at the boys.

The Good:

  • The video is longer than the song! It's no Lady Gaga 10-minute video, but it's more entertaining than Taylor Swift trying to be Lady Gaga with a pointless monologue. 
  • The lads play a wide variety of characters in this video, some wider than others. A fat, bald man? A flamboyant choreographer? A woman? Sure!
Who the hell are these people?

  • Zayn as a woman. Looks almost too natural - what a handsome lady!
Penelope Cruz?

  • With Liam playing a (presumably) gay character, Zayn playing a woman, and the guys, including Zayn, himself, getting fresh with this "woman," I'm going to go out on a chicken wire and say these guys aren't insecure, homophobic bigots. Thank God.
REAL fresh.

  • Zayn gets called Zach. Haha. 
  • We (kind of) get a choreographed dance scene near the end. Sure, it's ridiculous, but it's something. 
I'll take it.

  • With just enough clips from their upcoming movie without taking away from the music video, it makes me even more excited to see their movie. Good work, marketing team. 

  • One Direction's music continues to evolve slowly but surely - just enough to keep things fresh without losing their tween cult following. They've come a long way from That's What Makes You Beautiful and I'm okay with that. 
  • The video is different from any of their other music videos. They keep me on my talons. 
  • They always looks like they have so. much. fun.

The Bad:
  • The five bandmates really wreak havoc on this office. Why are they destroying everything? This isn't a night out with Justin Bieber.
Well, that's just rude.

  • Zayn's falsetto near the end. Who stepped on a cat? 
  • Using the title, Best Song Ever, is a little bold for a boy band. Even if they aren't singing that their song is the best song ever, the title is still a combination of bland and overzealous. 
  • We hear "best song ever" 11 times. That's not as bad as Cher's Woman's World (28) or Britney's Womanizer (42), but that catchy, rhyming chorus makes it feel like they sing it more. 
  • Even though it was the best song ever, they can't remember any of the words, but they think it went like "oh oh oh" and "yeah yeah yeah." That sounds like the most generic song ever. 
  • I'm upset Rock Me never become a single or music video. This release puts an axe to that wish. 
  • I wanted to see them in one of those proposed outfits from Marcel, the marketing director. 
This would get the hits up.

    The Ugly:
    • Louis as a grungy, blad exec.
    • Niall as a fat exec.
    • Liam as a blonde.

    Do you think this is One Direction's best song ever? Best video ever?

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