July 15, 2013

MeTube! HenTube!

Do you follow The Cackling Hen on YouTube? You probably should. The channel is in its elementary stages, and there's just a handful of videos so far, but The Hen's ultimate goal is world-renowned entertainment domination. That may sound lofty, but what's that expression - something about shooting for the moon and falling in the stars? Whatever that expression really is, it's perfect for me. The Hen may not flap as high as Perez Hilton or The Onion, but hopefully I'll fly into a book deal or a B-list city's newspaper column.

Miranda Sings.
The only YouTube personality I follow religiously is Miranda Sings. Miranda is a character performed by Colleen Ballinger (I also follow Colleen), a talented singer and performer who created this hilariously talentless, lip-stick-wearing monstrosity, poking fun at all the talentless and cocky YouTubers out there. I aspire for The Cackling Hen to reach a similar stardom of Miranda Sings and Colleen, but I still have a long way to fly. Colleen and Miranda are great. Both are hilarious. Their channels have millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers, and rightfully so. I can't get enough! I'll go on the record and officially endorse Miranda Sings and Colleen. Check them out!

Sometimes Miranda makes a video with another YouTube personality, and they make a video for both of their channels. I always enjoy the Miranda video and then I'll check out the other person's YouTube channel. It's always someone with over a million subscribers, so I figure they must be good. However, I usually watch half of a video and move on with my life because I don't find them funny or interesting. I guess I have high standards of entertainment with Miranda, but my big question is why and how are these people getting millions of people to watch their videos?

Most of these popular YouTubers make videos daily, which is great that they have that kind of time. Are they so popular that they now make money from YouTube? I know I need to make videos more regularly if that's the direction I want to go with The Hen, but I also feel like something needs to be happening that inspires me to make a video. I've watched a few of these "popular" videos and nothing is happening! These people are talking (vlogging) about their average day. Why do people care? I'm busy living my average day, so I don't want to spend time watching about their average days unless they've done something to interest me. I watch Colleen's average days, but it's because she interested me with her Miranda character. She's also funny and talks about things to which all of us common hens can relate. But these other people haven't created a Miranda and they're not funny! Yet somehow they've attracted followings in the millions.

At least The Cackling Hen has a gimmick. Sometimes it's just me wearing a hat, but it's still something. But to attract the followers, do I need to make a video daily, as mundane as it may be? Do I need talk about my headache, my trip to the gym, and my struggles cooking? Bleh. Maybe it's worth a try, but I'll also have to get used to talking to a camera like a person. I think I'm on the cusp of the generation that doesn't think this self-indulgence and borderline narcissism is uncomfortable or weird. Sure, I perform in a professional show. I make music videos. I'm pushing for my blog/entertainment empire to be huge. But in this increasingly public life we live, I'd still like to keep a few mundane shreds of it private... unless my coop demands my mundane shreds.

Dear Abbey,

What do I do?


Me cowering.

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