July 1, 2016

PULSE and Other Things That Suck

Even the funniest birds don't cackle 24/7. The Cackling Hen is a pretty funny bird, but even this cackler gets blue. Sometimes blue can still be funny and I love self-deprecating humor, like look how I can't cope leaving Hens on Ice! or look how my bedroom is decorated like a 12-year-old girl's! But then there's the other kind of blue, a deeper depression and/or tragic shattering event. That recent, horrid event that out-blued the other tragic events in the news was the Orlando Pulse massacre.

I can't put fitting words to the tragedy that happened at Pulse. It's unimaginable. It's beyond disgusting, horrifying, senseless, and tragic. Seeing the news unfold jarred me at my core and sunk my heart to an unknown depth. It is just unreal, and I don't think my brain will ever 100% compute such a horror. Just down the road from me and knowing that my hen friends and I frequent the gay bar, it rattled me more than any other attack because it could have easily been any of us there. In my mind, just like we hope schools and churches to be safe havens, places like Pulse have been safe havens for many up to this point. Although acceptance of all people continues to progress, there are still many people all over the world who don't feel they can fully be themselves for whatever reasons. A place like Pulse is supposed to be a safe escape where anyone can come, no matter who someone is or who someone wants to be, and have fun. Great music, cheap drinks, fun, attractive people, drag shows - what's not to love? Tragically, just as the domestic terrorists and deranged souls have entered our elementary schools, our churches, our college campuses, our movie theaters, and our malls, one has now targeted and bloodied the gay bar. It just sucks.

Now that I have shared a few heavy thoughts on the Pulse massacre, I'll say that sometimes things just suck. There's no way around it, and as we get older, we see more of the hard, cloudy side of life. Sometimes it's okay not to see the silver lining. Some things in life just utterly suck.

Other things that just suck:

  • The recent terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport. ISIS, what the hell are you doing? Just STOP already, you stupid, idiot jerks. Joke's on you - if there is a hell, all of you ISIS people will be the first to go! How can be people not only be so hateful, but also so stupid? A dog has more functioning brain cells than you people.
  • Donald Trump. I've tried to hold my tongue on Hen posts, but Trump just SUCKS. He's the worst thing to ever come to American politics, and makes our country look like a stupid joke. Not only is he an egotistical, narcissistic, deranged, delusional, racist, compulsive lair, he's also ugly, fat, and too tan. His hair doesn't even need mentioning. Just when you think politics can't get more polarized and divisive, here comes this jackass blowhard to try to ruin our country. Go away, Trump. Just.go.away.
  • The gun control debate. Even horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary and Pulse can't bring politicians together to make any minimal reform to gun control. Yes, criminals and evil people will always try to find ways around laws and some will succeed, but couldn't we make it just a little harder for a suspected terrorist and domestic abuser to buy an assault rifle? That's all.
  • Job hunting. One day, you become an adult and realize you have to pay for things. Job hunting, whether for a first job out of school or a "career change," just sucks. There is only so long I can tell myself, the world is my oyster! This is my new beginning to find the job of my dreams! until I'm broke. After so many rejections, no-responses, and promised jobs taken away, my high school job as a cashier 15 years ago almost seems acceptable with master's degree. 

Sometimes things just suck. Let's have a laugh, have a drink, have a hug, and do the best we can. There will always be things out there that don't suck, like sunshine, Britney Spears, and kittens. 

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