November 13, 2015

1D's Hen Song and Huge Release Party!

Where's the other one?
When Zayn left One Direction, I was crushed, as I subtly wrote in "THE END OF THE BEST BAND EVER." Although 4/5 of the band and the group name remained, the band would never be the same without my favorite member. Months later, to no surprise since Zayn had already left, the group announced that "4/5 Direction Can't Stay As One." After one more album release, the group would be "taking a break" to follow the footsteps of *NSYNC.

I was quick to assume that any release sans Zayn would be garbage, but the 4 remaining boys proved me wrong with "Drag Me Down." Of course it would better with Zayn, but dammit, it's good. Even without their best band member, I knew I'd have to get 1D's final album the day it was released.

When I found out Target would have a special edition of 1D's "Made in the A.M.," it was the perfect excuse to go to Target this morning. I pictured a huge display of the new releases on one of music's biggest days ever, since Justin Bieber's new album is also released today. Hopefully there would be life-sized cut outs of the 5 boys and a mountain of the new albums. I talked about this day for 48 hours, forgetting show choreography and appropriate volume levels.

Where's the display?
I got to Target bright and early today at 11:30 a.m. I scampered to the music section with my red cart and suddenly was in the movies and books. Confused, I backtracked, wondering how I could miss the life-sized Harry Styles. I found a small shelf of new releases, with a few scattered 1D and Bieber albums mixed among older releases and artists I didn't know. I drifted down the aisle, searching for the One Direction shelf. There wasn't one. There was no fanfare, no life-sized cutouts, no mountain of disks. Nothing but 5 leftover 1D disks, no deluxe editions. And the only special edition album covers left were with Niall or Louis. Pass. At least have a surplus of Harry!

Where's the mob?
Dumbfounded, I stared at the poorly-stocked shelf for a few minutes, briefly entertained the idea of buying a Niall edition, but then put it down and walked away. I have never been so disappointed at Target! As I started to leave the sad scene, I heard a Target employee disappoint a 1D fan over the phone, as he told (presumably) her that they were out of deluxe editions and he didn't know the names of the band members. I shook my head and lowered it in shame for him and for Target.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned for still craving big album releases in this digital age. Maybe I'm too old to be excited about boy bands and Justin Bieber. Maybe I like Target too much. But I've been through a journey with One Direction and I just wanted a big send off. Hopefully their new album doesn't suck and can be fanfare in itself.

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