June 17, 2013

New Britney! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As summer blazes on, this Monday started with a bang in the music world. Britney Spears is at it again. But her new single isn't the lead for her new album. Instead, it's the lead song on a highly-coveted summer movie soundtrack: The Smurfs 2. The Cackling Hen dropped everything, saving the mess for later, and suffered through droll morning radio conversation to hear the track first. Here are The Hen's thoughts on "Ooh La La." If you haven't heard the new Spears song, listen first below!

The Good:
  • Britney is known for her songs being catchy, and "Ooh La La" doesn't disappoint. Both the lyrics and the beats are crafted well into another catchy radio hit. It's currently stuck in my head, so Britney and the gang did something right.
  • The song has a good variety of beats and vocals mixed throughout to keep things interesting. The pace progresses and slows until it closes out with the chorus to a dance beat. 
  • Britney almost raps.
  • Her kids will be able to sing along. Britney said that she did this song for her kids because they love The Smurfs. Now they can sing along to mommy's simple and fun song because it doesn't have a difficult range. Hell, any of us can sing along, and isn't that what music is about?
  • We don't expect deep, meaningful lyrics or power vocals with Britney, and she doesn't try to shake that trend. She gives us a cheery pop song that's great for driving this summer with the windows down. It's hard not to feel good bopping along to this song!
  • The $1.29 purchase on iTunes includes a second song - "Vacation" by G.R.L. It's also a catchy, fun summer song. 


The Bad:
Shit, the likeness is uncanny.
  • Britney is still sounding somewhat like an auto-tuned robot, and there's no big note or challenge in range. 
  • Britney's always had a... um... distinct voice, but this editing makes her sound more like a singing chipmunk than ever. 
  • The song title, "Ooh La La" doesn't even contain one real English word. 
  • It's hard to hear in the midst of Britney trying to rap, but there's the F-BOMB in this song?! In disbelief, I checked multiple sources for the full lyrics, and yes, it's true. This is a song for a children's movie sequel. This song is "for your boys," but there's still an explicit lyric that needs to be edited for the radio. Britney, this is truly outrageous.
  • F-bomb aside, It wouldn't be a Britney song with out sexually suggestive lyrics, and this song for children's movie soundtrack doesn't break that trend. This wouldn't be in the bad column if it weren't for this song being attached to The Smurfs 2. 
  • Please define an "Ooh La La" as a noun.

The Ugly:
  • There's no "Ooh La La" music video yet, but the thought of Britney being any tint of blue and/or in miniature form is horrifying.

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