December 16, 2015

Local Celebs at The Friday's!

My theme for this year has been big comebacks and big hiatuses. For the hiatuses, I'm sorry. No one is more disappointed than me. For the comebacks, you're welcome! I accept "thank you" cards and gifts. As I write this after another brief absence, I can't expect many gifts, but maybe I can pray for a like or a comment. I'll even ask for a share if it doesn't come across as greedy.

Reserved Friday's patio seating.
This bird recently joined a different group of Hens on Ice for a Christmas show. We stay in one place for 2 months, so it offers a different dynamic than traveling to a new city each week. One pro (and con) with that is getting to become true locals at the local hot spots, like the TGI Friday's.

Usually referred to as "The Friday's," a group of us hens flap there most nights after work, as it's across the street and has an unbeatable late night happy hour. But in the countless mornings that I wake up in a not-so-happy hour haze, I reflect on another night that at least one of us (usually me) has been a true fool at The Friday's.

Signs That Hens May Be Too Comfortable at The Friday's:

  • We know the majority of The Friday's staff by name. We also have favorites. Good old Nelson, Eric, Renee, Austin, Nick, Ashley, and Chris (to name a few) take great care of us and love seeing us come in for rounds of Long Islands and $5 boneless wings. As we order rounds most nights, we've nearly become friends. I'm on a hug level with at least one server, even if I actually was just drunk enough to throw myself on him on the way out. I'm comfortable enough to cackle up a storm, dance in my chair, swear, and yell at them in a playful manner when they make dumb suggestions, like coming in for lunch. It feels great to be like local celebrities, scaring away the tourists and leaving for under $20. I think they really love us, although none of them have texted us after leaving our phone numbers on receipts. I'll just have to leave my number again.
  • I got an alert from my credit card. Trying to become a local celebrity at The Friday's and make friends quickly isn't easy. So each time I go, I drink more so I'm brave enough to hug the servers and leave generous tips. One morning, I woke up to the e-mail of a potential fraud alert from Capital One. However, the e-mail was about my charge at The Friday's and how I had tipped a whopping $6 on my $18 tab after 3 or 5 Long Islands. Yes, that was on purpose, Capital One. Thanks for reminding my life is sad and absurd. 
Staying classy.
  • We stand on chairs and don't get kicked out. For birthdays and job promotions, we celebrate at The Friday's. Since the staff offers us free shots for special occasions or extra belligerence, we let everyone know that we are celebrating by some hen standing on a chair, yelling "places!" or "job promotion!" at midnight. They seem to embrace it, so it must be common for the local celebs. 
  • We've left cars over night in the parking lot. Although The Friday's is true stumbling distance from our work and home, no one should ever drive after too much happy hour. One night, half-jokingly, we asked Nelson if we could leave a car overnight in the lot without being towed or laughed at. He encouraged us and said people do it (probably other local celebs), so we gave our drunkest hen a ride home and left her duct-taped Beetle at The Friday's until the shame of morning.
  • I've hung our own decorations on The Friday's walls. I planned a birthday party for two of my hen friends, reserving an area for about 20 on the patio one night with my favorite server. The rain ruined the whole patio plan and Nelson mysteriously "had to leave early," but I was determined to have the party we wanted. With birthday banners on the wall covering "vintage" movie posters and centerpieces on the bar tables, The Friday's never looked better! 

You're welcome, Friday's!

After over a month of becoming famous at The Friday's, we can't escape it. It's our spot, and our friends almost seem to encourage us to be fools. "Have another round!" they say. They're so sweet. We mix up our scene here and there, seeing the occasional drag show or going straight to bed without stomaching the sight of The Friday's, but not matter what, we can't stay away from our $5 appetizers, $3 Long Islands, and our huggable friends we pay at the end of the night. You're welcome, Friday's! See you tomorrow night.

Job promotion!

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