February 28, 2024

Back Up Out the Gravesite...

She hath risen again! Hen is back for a major comeback - again!

For the few of you left in my loyal coop, you know this is my longest hiatus by far. It was not planned, and I'm back with nothing profound or dramatic to share. I even have a draft in progress for my grand return - started nearly 2 YEARS AGO. Even 2 years ago, a younger sporadic blogger (me!) knew I'd left you too long. While that draft has some decent giggles you may never see, it's also a fancy list of excuses for an uninspired and out-of-touch writer. Two years later, my coop deserves better!

This isn't better, but I'm back to tap into some OG Cackling Hen HENergy, while looking forward to a fresh (older) perspective and rebrand. In my absence, I've aged profusely. (how you been?) Shades of that hilarious party Hen you still love are still flapping somewhere inside me (or I'm pregnant). But I hope you've all been aging horribly with me too! I am older, and so are you! I'm also wiser, crankier, sleepier, more mindful, and more rigid. So just like a Maxine comic, this might still be fun for you!

Originally, I was going to share my inspiration for coming back, from devout fans begging me, to reading a novel about how writing ruined the protagonist's life. But I've already slapped enough words together here to publish, and my decaying creative mind must desperately save material. 

If you made it this far - WOW! Truly - THANK YOU. I may retire tomorrow, or I may be ready to ruin my life! Either way, I'm publishing this crap and buying a pregnancy test.

If you're new here - Hey! I was a minor icon and you have a LOT to catch up on. 



A Buc Shy of Perfect.

Hated hockey - now I don't.

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