December 14, 2020

HENniversary! Hen Turns 10 Part II: Pecks at Fame

The dumpster fire of 2020 continues to burn strong, but it's still my clucking 10-year HENniversary! In Part I: A Hen is Born, I give you the details and my birth (not messy!) and rise to local celebrity. But my reign over the University of South Florida St. Petersburg's Crows Nest couldn't last forever. Since getting the boot (graduating) in 2011, most of The Hen's life has lived here on this blog. Whether you're just joining, obsessed with every Hen article, or a Ukrainian bot, let's relive some of The Hen's highlights and glory!

The Cat That Changed My Life. My biggest moment in my Internet career didn't come from any prize-deserving article, or even a bird. The most successful thing I've done in my 10-year Hen career was to share a Grumpy Cat meme at the right time in the right way. That cat has since died and I've never reached anywhere near a million people in one swoop again, but for a cold day in 2014, I delivered a quality meme to over a million viewers on Facebook via The Cackling Hen. 

thank u. R.I.P.

My most popular article: "Post-Tour Life Hobbies!" Feeling uninspired, I asked my readers what they wanted to see. A few loyal followers and my mom wanted to know what I've been doing after leaving the ice show world. After I reminded mother goose I see her daily, I got clucking on what the coop demanded! This article continues to get a lot of views in 2020 from spam accounts and Ukrainian bots. Join them! This is also the first time I used a GIF in an article. 

image of a loyal Hen reader

My Least popular article: "Your Seat Only Reclines 3 Inches." When I wrote this article in 2012, I imagined my future career would be a as powerful, award-winning media empire personality, not ever working for an airline whose seats recline zero inches. Life is funny, and sometimes cruel. 


Drafts that never were. We'll never know their potential!

  • "Life According to Grandma"
  • "Dear Ashley Wagner"
  • "Normal Things in Mexico"
  • "How to Annoy a Flying Hen"
  • "My Ignorance to the Financial Crisis"

Surprisingly-popular article: "Dying for Face Wash." Written in 2019, this is my second-most popular article of all time, and I don't know why. It seems like struggling to find face wash at a CVS with odd employees is a relatable experience. Regardless, thank you for the support, Ukraine! 

Some jokes aside, I do appreciate all of you (bots included) who have clicked, pecked, clucked, and cackled with me in any form over these past 10 years! I'm not The Hen I used to be (none of you are, either!), as my writing consistency has gone from sporadic to embarrassing. You may not believe me, but I promise this is not my Hen Song! 2020 may have me feeling battered, dumb, and lazy, but it won't be the end of The Hen! Stay tuned for more cackles, even if it's just an annual Hen holiday card I always forget to send. 


Tom Brady comes to Tompa! 

When Coronavirus seemed like it might be quick and cute. 

Hen vs. HOA!

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