July 23, 2019

Hens Say Dumb Things

Hens say dumb things. In the midst of all the noise we make with our beaks - some brilliant, lots ordinary - all of us have our gaffes where our brans disconnect just long enough for crazy to fly out. The current president says windmills cause cancer and grandma's racist friend wants minority groups to have their own states. These are extreme examples of spoken blunders, but some things (both examples) should never be said.

"Windmills cause cancer."

As a flying hen, I talk to a lot of people every day as part of my job, or just functioning as a social bird. Between passengers and coworkers, my beak can be exhausted by the end of the day. Somewhere in our social development, many of us have become uncomfortable with silence or short exchanges, so many hens fill that void with stupid comments.

I'm not saying I'm above my own stupid moments. I mixed up the phrases "run him out" and "rub him out" for 25 years, and I can't pronounce "smoosh." But some things should never be said. Here are a few key examples so hopefully these people can better themselves.

1. "You look tired." This is an "acceptable" way to say, "you look like shit." No one would ever say the latter, so why say the former?
I've been told this twice recently. What's worse is that I felt fine before someone told me this. What's even worse: both times were from coworkers, AKA people who know exactly what my job entails and how tiring it can be. I doubt they'd want to hear the same comment after a full day on the airplane, but they say it anyway. Is this comment helpful? No. I can't suddenly look young and fresh, so it's just an insult. A simple "hi" or "have a good one" would have sufficed.
(Now I wonder what kind of trash I look like when I'm actually tired.

feeling good.

That's all. Never tell hens they look tired.

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