September 22, 2014

Hen Testimonials Part 1

The Cackling Hen likes to get its loyal fans involved so The Hen experience is an interactive one. I've written an advice column and a social media guide, to name a few. And since those two articles were somewhat popular and slightly rewarding, I thought I'd try again. This time, I called all Hen fans to share why they love The Hen! It would give fans a change to participate and also help sway people who are on the fence about reading The Cackling Hen, or maybe reading in general.

I expected a flood of responses, sharing personal stories on why The Hen is life changing, or at least people desperately wanting their five seconds of fame. I didn't really get either, but thanks to some of my most faithful cluckers, I got enough to stretch into an article. 

Cackling Hen Testimonials:

"I've seen my share of cocks, but The Cackling Hen is the only bird that's made me laugh." -Jonathan

"Hen! I love your blog! And I love you. One big reason is our shared ability to turn heads and guide lost friends with our laughs. Whether that is good or bad, I'll never admit to it!" -Audra

"Cailey is a HUGE Hen fan. But she doesn't do Facebook. Send her an inquiry and I'm sure she'll write you something!!!" -Julie

"         " -Cailey

"The Hen is all chuckles and good clucks. This is a bird of wit and wisdom not to be missed!" -Kelly

"I shouldn't have to say anything." -Nancy

If those testimonials don't sway the hesitant follower, I don't know what will. 

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