July 23, 2018

Life's a Picnic.

My South Philly dream.
I have unintentionally become a regular of South Philadelphia. But until I get my own TV sitcom like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I'll continue writing my sporadic humor blog. Every time I'm in Philly for an overnight layover, I have grand aspirations to go downtown and run on the infamous steps
where Rocky was filmed. But then I remember I hate stairs, running, and heat; and I also have to work a red eye flight. So all these factors keep me within stumbling distance of our mediocre hotel in South Philly.

Today's Philly layover started with the same range of emotions: excitement to go downtown, disappointment that I justified not going downtown, and excitement again to make the best of my humble day in Essington, PA. With the sun shining and the prospect of a new day, I flapped to the Wawa to get a cheap picnic lunch for the nearby park on the river. This park is my go-to spot for this layover, and I pictured myself staying for hours, enjoying my lunch, writing chapters of my novel, and conquering the world's problems. 

Day in the park.
I fluttered into the perfect spot to settle for hours and started enjoying my picnic lunch. However, my enjoyment was short-lived once some other birds eyed me and my lunch. Now, most birds are hen friends, but these aggressive crows and geese were not! I looked into their hungry eyes and saw right through their charade. These bully birds were just after my lunch, not my friendship. I scarfed down my sandwich as the crows cawed and infiltrated my personal space. One brazen crow hopped next to me as I took my last bite. I clapped my wings together to shoo him away, losing my napkins to the clap and a wind gust in the process. I jumped up and flew to gather the stray napkins, as well as some other litter to do a good deed for the day. But I couldn't collect too much trash, as the evil crows continued to infiltrate my area. 

I picked up my bag and my empty coffee cup that I'd recycle later and moved to a more photogenic spot. I squatted in the grass to get the right angle for Instagram, trying to crop out the mucky coast of the river, the construction fencing, and litter. I hadn't taken a single photo before a nasty crow stole the coffee cup from my side. I shrieked and yelled at this devil bird until he dropped it. I accepted that the day wouldn't be an Instagram day, and I gathered my bag and coffee cup to move to my third spot of the hour. At this point, a flock of geese began honking and following me, chasing after my stupid coffee cup I should have just thrown in the trash can. 

At my new picnic table, I stared down the geese until they slowly waddled away. Crows were still in the vicinity. I took a deep breath and tried to unruffle my feathers so I could get back to my novel and world problem solving. Before I could open my bag, a large bee landed on my headphones and settled onto the white wire like it was a flower. I fluttered off the bench and waited for this stupid bee to figure out its flower was an Apple product. The bee finally buzzed away and I sat back down. Annoyed, I reached for my phone to vent to a friend about all these stupid park animals ruining my
Bird arrest
day. As I started to write, 2 policemen arrived to the park and eyed me. WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING AND WHY WERE THE COPS HERE AT THIS EMPTY PARK ON A WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON? The only thing that would have salvaged the day would have been for the cops to arrest ever single crow and goose in the park. They didn't. 

I waited to try and see why the cops came to the park and started scratching my wings. During all this, some sort of bug decided to attack me. Livid, I accepted this was not the nice afternoon in the park I'd imagined. I grabbed my bag, which I never once opened, along with my stupid coffee cup I wanted to chuck into the river, and I flapped back to the safety of my hotel room. 

I'm done with nature in South Philly. Next time, I'm going to the casino.

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