April 23, 2018

A Scrappy Arrival

Someone dropped something.
After a recent long day of flying my wings off to Philadelphia, the hotel shuttle took me and my fight crew to our modest home-sweet-hotel for the evening. As we unloaded the shuttle and grabbed each of our identical black bags, I saw a small piece of paper on the ground. This is a detail from my day I shouldn't remember, but the shuttle driver made sure I did.

As we gathered our feathers and belongings from the curb, the driver started hollering, "White receipt on the ground! White receipt on the ground!" I glanced at the sidewalk and saw it. There was a slim chance it was mine, I was aware. But I didn't care enough to find out. In the scheme of my day after 10 hours of flying, it just didn't matter.

But it apparently mattered to the shuttle driver, as I heard him cluck some more about it, louder this time. 

"There's a white receipt on the ground! Someone's white receipt is on the ground! Does this receipt on the ground belong to anyone here?"

The driver was getting agitated as no one claimed this tiny piece of paper, and I grew more confused about why he cared so much. I rolled my eyes and flapped toward the door with my bags when I felt another wing tap my shoulder. 

"A man told me he saw this fall out of the pocket of a guy wearing a white shirt," the shuttle driver huffed, waiving the receipt. "So this belongs to you."

Stunned, I stared blankly at the man and muttered an "Oh, thanks." 

"I've been trying to get your attention!" The driver clucked. Then he stormed away. I put the scrap of paper in my pocket while looking for the nearest trash can, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Welcome to Philly.

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