April 1, 2014

I'm Just a Fool

April already?!
It's April Fools' Day and time for The Cackling Hen's second annual foolish article! For those of you muttering that there have been far more than two, you're missing the point. You aren't wrong, but let's focus on April Fools' Day.

This odd "holiday" snuck up on me like a fox in the coop. Last year, I shared two of my most memorable April Fools' Days where I was the fool. This year, I only realized it was April 1 at midnight, leaving little planning for good pranks. Isn't it still February?

I fretted that I'd have nothing to say this year after recapping the only two April Fools' Days I could remember. But I knew I was obligated to write something today, just like I have to give my mother a card on Mothers' Day. Unfortunately I can't get a Hen article at Hallmark. But luckily I can be a gullible bird and I got duped before my daily bird bath.

As I scanned my news feed to stay up with current events and roll my eyes at acquaintances, I saw a striking headline about Britney Spears. Only One Direction can equally pique my interest, so I frantically pecked at the article. The article confirmed a nightmare for any Britney fan who hasn't seen her Vegas show: she was canceling the rest of her shows because she is 3-months pregnant. I was shocked and saddened I'd missed her Vegas spectacular and pondered the future of her career. Her most recent album, Britney Jean, has had her lowest sales ever, and its price continues to be slashed at music stores. Today's current Britney Jean price: a paltry £2.99 along side albums that are 20 years old. With a third child on the way and her recent release flopping, was it the end of the Britney I knew and loved? Would she never perform again? Would she never sing with auto tune again? Would she keep on the baby weight? Would One Direction break up? It was a jarring way to start the day. I read on that she'd probably face lawsuits for breaking her Vegas contract. She had a lot of challenges ahead of her, and I supposed I'd have to cling to Britney Jean.

Britney's not impressed.

I searched "Britney Spears news" to see other takes on the story, but there was nothing out there. Her most recent news was sharing a photo of herself in a bikini on vacation in Hawaii. She sure didn't look pregnant. Then I realized that it was April 1 and I was a true fool.

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