June 3, 2012

A Mini Henplaint

In today's digital age, we make many purchases online. After a few times, I've become accustomed to the same process for buying flights, text books and my support for the less corrupt politician. A key part of forking my money over online is entering that "billing information," including my home address.

It is convenient in today's hustle (and usual bustle) to just type quickly, hit the "tab" key, and continue typing in the next box. On fancy sites, it will even automatically move me over to that next box - no "tab" necessary! Whew.

But no internet site trusts us to properly type our own state abbreviation, so there is that drop box to select my state. However, I always try to beat the system by hitting the "F" key, since that will easily pull up the first option that starts with "F." And lucky me, since Florida is the only state that begins with "F!"

Wrong. I hit the "F" key and up pops The Federated States of Micronesia. No, I do not live in the Federated States of Micronesia! Who does? I only know about such a part of the world due to this drop box fiasco. How many people live on these little specs of land? And with a name like Micronesia, it's like an extra slap in the face, reminding me how minuscule this territory is compared to Florida's overpopulated swampland. Also, how many of these Federated Micronesians are online shopping? Obviously, it needs to be an option to select since someone lives there, but can't Florida be the default "F" state? It's so ridiculous to me every time, I never learn, and I arrogantly tap that "F" key fail.

I wonder how many Federated States of Micronesians purchase flights from Florida to Colorado? Frontier Airlines doesn't quite make it across the Pacific.

Federated Micronesians shop more than regular Micronesians.

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