April 15, 2019

Leaving the Internet.

You probably didn't notice since my posts are sporadic and misguided, but I took an official break from social media. Do not fear though! I continued to write while locked in a bunker and now I'm back in full force. Watch out, cluckers!

back with caution.

My volunteer Cackling Hen life may seem perfect and glamorous, but it's not. In spite of the photo shoots and under-appreciated writing, I'm a common hen just like you with real bird problems. As much as my non-profit (not by choice and not tax deductible) writing career depends on social media, I recently found myself with possible symptoms of mild depression. After declining invitations from dear friends for brunch and a beach weekend, both activities I thought I loved, I remembered the Zoloft commercials with that depressed cartoon egg. I thought of all those questions that commercial asked while that somber egg moped around. ...Yes, I do have trouble getting out of bed in the morning! ...Yes, I have lost interest in things I used to enjoy! Convinced I was becoming that despondent cartoon egg instead of just older and worn out by idiot passengers, I vowed to do something before I cracked.

Instead of running away to Canada with a new identity, I opted for a trendy and temporary fix: a break from social media. Facebook and Instagram weren't the causes of my debatable depression, but they weren't helping. Recently, I was finding twinges of addiction with these apps. Like many of us, I was filling every in-between moment and lull with Facebook, Instagram, Tind... LinkedIn, etc. I'd begin and end my days on them. When I planned to poke at my phone for just a few moments, it turned into a half hour or more. What had been a great way to keep in touch with friends was turning into a time warp where most posts annoyed me. Another article about Trump being as asshole, another "best day ever" post, another cat meme with a billion views: it was all too much, except for the cat memes. I was fried mentally, and could even feel physically tense while scrolling. I knew I fully controlled my social media usage, so I left with no set return.

selfie from last week.

A week later, I came back. I didn't return completely enlightened or refreshed, but I'll pretend I did on my next article where I share more specifically what I learned. I'll leave you with a few key takeaways:

  • It was easier than I expected.
  • I didn't miss anything. 
  • I had more time in my day to do productive adult things, like watch TV shows.

KEEP READING! Dying for Face Wash!

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