February 13, 2013

Tweets from Cher Part I

All went to hell when she found power button.
The Cackling Hen prides itself with being savvy in social media. I even wrote a guide to Twitter! In spite of this guide, it seems like not everyone has read it yet. Keeping up with endorsed celebrities, some stand out more than others on Twitter. Ellen DeGeneres makes me laugh and Snooki makes me wonder why I still follow her, but Cher takes the cake and eats it too. Her use of Twitter makes me wonder if she's really crazy or just has no concept of how to use Twitter semi-appropriately. Here are 5 select tweets from Cher. 

@Cher "RANDOM! I know how excited U winners R,but think about the ppl Who wanted 2 Win Just As Much As You Did ! All the pics might make them Sad"
Cher is all about capitalization, just all in the wrong places. And whatever contest to which she is referring, don't the winners have the right to celebrate? Kind-hearted Cher - so concerned about the countless people who lose contests, so don't publicly show your excitement if you win.

@Cher "Im Late ! Im Late ! For a Very Important Date ! No time to say Hello ! Goodbye ! I'm late I'm late I'm late ! Bye"
So late, but still time for this rambling tweet? Cher wouldn't have been late if she hadn't written "late" five times. We don't even know what her important date is. We just know her date can't be that important if her priority is tweeting before she leaves. 

@Cher "59 stairs everyday.Work out with Girls half my age & still have cute Butt & Legs! Some 1s pulling really €^<€£+ up joke & im really 12 !" 
Cher, what are you even talking about? No matter how much plastic surgery you have, you're never going to be 12. I guess those 59 stairs are the key to having cute (and capitalized) butt and legs when one is in her 90s thinking she's 12. 

@Cher "Am i in INSTAGRAM HELL?! Will Image God strike me down with a Flash ! Or will he go old school & Polaroid my ass 2 death,OG BROWNIE ME 😱"

What the hell is she talking about and what does "brownie" mean as a verb?

@Cher "I’m a little tired ! Or Am I ? Guess ! Either Way….. Can’t twt anymore 2 night 💄💋👠👥💓😜"

I don't know and don't feel like guessing. But I want to know how much Cher is tweeting where she just can't anymore. She needs to cut back on tweeting, or ideally, just get off Twitter. Cher is just plain incomprehensible on Twitter, but at least it's prime pecking material for The Cackling Hen. 

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