June 29, 2011

Palin or Paris?

Hilton's "Paris for President" video

The more Sarah Palin talks, the more I like her. But before any reader gets up in arms and ringin’ bells like Paul Revere’s now-mysterious ride, I want to clarify that I now like Palin on the same level I like Paris Hilton.

When Hilton first flooded our TV sets with reality shows and scandal, I objected to the amount of attention she was getting and I wondered why she got attention at all. Then I watched an episode of The Simple Life, which reminded me that I have a soft spot for the unintentional humor of a ditzy blonde. Palin may not be blonde, but her unintentional humor has grown on me like that of Hilton’s. But Palin goes the extra mile of blaming anyone but herself when she twists history into something false or can’t name a single newspaper. Those “gotcha” questions get her every time.

What's the difference between a
pit bull and a hockey mom?
What’s the point of continuing to say that Palin’s ignorant, inexperienced and money-grubbing with questionable ideologies? She seems to have proven all this easily herself lately to anyone near or past an 8th grade public school education level. With her latest blabbing on camera – Paul Revere’s midnight ride warned the British? Palin’s next TV stop needs to be on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? If the “lame stream media” and facts can’t shut her down, maybe Jeff Foxworthy and some 10 year olds can.

I have been one of her millions of lame-stream critics since the day she started stringing words together that still didn’t form competent sentences. But after her latest warp of history about Revere’s midnight ride, it became clear to me what her true value is in politics: comedic relief. Palin’s latest candid comments on Revere’s bells and shots to warn the British leave even Tina Fey dumbfounded on how to top it. But I’d still support Fey doing a reenactment of Palin in lieu of their typical parodies. Has any “politician” ever left nothing to parody because the original is just too good? Paws up to mama grizzly, especially since Donald Trump is out of this staggering GOP race.

I hope Palin keeps running (or riding in a gas-guzzling, self-indulgent bus). Her actual credibility to be president is just about on par with “Paris for President,” and even Hilton doesn’t hold the title of “Miss Wasilla 1984.” Sure, Plain makes a mockery of our political system. But she also makes a mockery of herself, and that’s American television at its finest. 

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  1. "But she also makes a mockery of herself, and that’s American television at its finest." My favorite line among so many gems. I'm glad the hen found a new home. : )

  2. Thank you so much, Keeley! :) The Cackling Hen is happy to have a new home too since getting the friendly boot from the Crow's Nest. I hope you noticed my links to it though! ;)